Blog Post
Nuclear Innovation Alliance
March 2021

In response to today's release of the American Jobs Plan, NIA's Executive Director Judi Greenwald provided the following statement:

"The Nuclear Innovation Alliance welcomes the Biden Administration's American Jobs Plan to support clean energy deployment and economic development. Among broader energy sector investments, the plan would support the development and demonstration of advanced nuclear energy, a clean energy technology critical not only for meeting mid-century climate goals but for ensuring a more resilient energy infrastructure in the decades to come. As described in our U.S. Advanced Nuclear Energy Strategy, advanced nuclear power can reduce carbon emissions, bring high-paying jobs, and increase the competitiveness of American companies in global markets. In addition to complementing wind and solar in decarbonizing the power sector, advanced nuclear can reduce emissions across the economy through industrial heating, process heating, and hydrogen production. 

The technology-inclusive American Jobs Plan specifically incorporates advanced nuclear energy as eligible for funding for demonstration projects, building on ongoing activities by the Department of Energy and industry to demonstrate the commercial viability of next generation nuclear power. It also calls for the use of federal buying power to facilitate domestic manufacturing of critical technologies like advanced nuclear energy in alignment with a letter recently submitted to the administration by NIA, Google, Third Way, Clean Air Task Force, and other tech and climate focused groups. We look forward to working with stakeholders across the energy sector to support the enactment of these important clean energy initiatives."